Society Purpose and Activities

The Red Feather Historical Society, Inc. is a Colorado nonprofit, tax exempt, 501(c)(3) corporation that was established in 1985.

To provide a self guided, outdoor museum featuring logging, mining, and ranching.

To promote the history of  the area by partnering with other organizations in the area.

To preserve and maintain the Robinson Homestead Cabin and the items on display.

To preserve the history of the region through a virtual museum via our website with oral histories and historical site photos through our website. www.redfeatherhistoricalsociety.org

To promote awareness of historically significant sites by providing educational tours and events about the area and surrounding sites.

To document the history of the area through oral and digital histories from long time residents.

To designate historical buildings or sites in Red Feather, Livermore, Glacier View, Crystal Lakes, Poudre Canyon and Cherokee Park.

Provide signage and possibly matching grants for the preservation of these historical buildings

To bring people together in celebration of the season by providing The Greening of Red Feather Craft Fair – a place for booths specializing in original arts and crafts and promoting community holiday activities.

To provide community members an opportunity to join together at social events with our Annual Dinner Meeting in June with entertainment and a Holiday Dinner in December.

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