Cavalryman Steakhouse Tour

The Red Feather Historical Society toured the Cavalryman Steakhouse on Wednesday, August 19, 2015 (along with Two Bars Seven Guest Ranch Tour).

Cavalryman Steakhouse is located on the parade grounds of historic Fort Sanders, established in July of 1866. Originally named Fort Buford, for Major General John Buford, the post was designated Fort Sanders on September 5, 1866, in honor of Brigadier General William P. Sanders.

The Cavalryman Steakhouse building was built in 1925 to serve as the clubhouse for the local country club. Just to the east, remnants of the nine-hole golf course can still be found.

Tina McGee, Hospitality Manager explained the history of the Fort Sanders and the Cavalryman Steakhouse pictorial walls. Listed below are the links to each wall or picture displays.

Tina McGee
Tina McGee, Hospitality Manager
Cavalryman Tour Participants
Cavalryman Steakhouse Tour Participants (8/19/15)