Make a difference by volunteering with RFHS!

The Red Feather Historical Society is involved in local projects, all of which are run by volunteers. Current projects include:

  1. Historic site signs placed on building or at site
  2. Create/write a personal history of a person, place or event in the Red Feather or Livermore areas.
  3. Historic outdoor landscaping for the Robinson Cabin

Contact Person:
Pat Clemens, President
Phone: 970-495-0560 or cell 970-568-2345
Email: info@redfeatheristoricalsociety.org

About #1: The Historic Sites & Signage Project

If you have or own a historic building or site in the area, one which was built before 1950, the Red Feather Historical Society would like to include it in our historic site project. We will provide a sign to identify your historic site. For example, please see the following historic building or site signs that have been placed so far.

If you are interested, please read through and complete the criteria and release form, and then contact Pat Clemens at 970-495-0560 or email at info@redfeatherhistoricalsociety.org.

About #2:  The People History of the Red Feather Area Project

Help preserve the history of homes, businesses and sites in Red Feather Lakes and surrounding area. We would like to include any oral and written history of people plus your personal history. If you have historic photographs please share them with us so we can scan them. History along with photos will be placed in albums, displayed at the RFL Community Library and on this website.

For examples, please visit the personal histories page.