Suggested Readings

Bibliography of area history and interest books
in the Red Feather Lakes Community Library as of August 2011
Visit the Library’s website and catalog for current availability.

Note: The call number for each book is in brackets. COSH refers to the Library’s “Colorado Shelf,” the first tall shelf in the nonfiction section.

Adams, Judith Ann;
The First 25 Years Crystal Lakes 1969-1994
, 1994. [COSH 978.8 ADA]

Ahlbrandt, Arlene Briggs;
Lady Moon and her Animal Friends,
1999. [COSH 978.8 AHL]

Ahlbrandt, Arlene Briggs (Editor);
Larimer County History 1860s – 1987,
1987. [COSH 978.8 AHL 1987]

Ahlbrandt, Arlene Briggs;
101 Memorable Men of Northern Colorado, c 2005. [COSH 978.8 AH]

Aron, Geraldine Nelson;
Three Ranch Children,
1966.  [COSH 978.8 ARO]

Bliss, Elyse Deffke;
Apples of the Mummy’s Eye: The Dickerson Sisters
, c1999.  [COSH 978.8 BLI]

Bliss, Elyse Deffke;
The History of Arrowhead Lodge,
c1992.  [COSH 070.1 BLI]

Case, Stanley R.;
The Poudre: a Photo History,
1995. [COSH 978.86 CAS]

Davis, Adrian R.;
In and Around the Lakes; Landscapes of Northern Colorado
, 2005.  [COSH 978.88 DAV]

Dunning, Harold M.;
The Story of the Ben Delatour Boy Scout Ranch,
1891-1973, c 1970. [COSH 978.86 DUN]

Evans, Howard Ensign;
A Naturalist’s Years in the Rocky Mountains
, 2001. [COSH 591.75 EVA]

Evans, Howard Ensign and Mary Alice;
Cache la Poudre : the Natural History of a Rocky Mountain River,
1995. [COSH 508.78 EVA]

Fry, Norman Walter;
Cache La Poudre; ‘The River’ as seen from 1889
, 1954. [COSH 978.8]

Galvin, James;
Fencing the Sky: a Novel,
1999. [F GAL]

Galvin, James;
The Meadow,
1992. [COSH 813.54 GAL 1992]

Gregory-Deits, Doris;
A Cool Place to be; Red Feather Lakes, Colorado
, 2008. [COSH 978.8 GRE]

Gregory-Deits, Doris;
Prickly cactus and Quaking Aspen
. [Y F GRE]

Gregory-Deits, Doris;
Ripples on the Water; A Photo Visit to Eight Lakes,
2009. [COSH 978.8 GRE]

Kniebes, Duane and Susan;
Cemeteries: Manhattan, Livermore, Adams and Azubah Batterson, Larimer County, Colorado,
2001. [COSH 978 KN]

Larimer County Stockgrowers Association;
The Larimer County Stockgrowers Association 1884-1956,
1956. [COSH 978.8 LAR]

Larimer County Stockgrowers Association (Colo.); Livermore Woman’s Club (Livermore, Colo.);
Ranch histories of Livermore and Vicinity, 1884-1956 : a Reprinting of the Larimer County Stockgrowers Association,
1993. [COSH 978.8 LIV 2003]

Livermore Woman’s Club, Greenacre, Doris;
Among these Hills: a History of Livermore, Colorado,
1995, [COSH 978 LIV 1995]  

Livermore Woman’s Club;
Among these Hills: a History of Livermore, Colorado,
2009. [COSH 978 LIV]

Mefford, Jack;
Hardships & Hope: Fascinating Frontier Women of Northern Colorado
. [COSH 920 MEF]

Miller, Lafi;
Historical Interest Tour for Red Feather Lakes Mountain Gals,
1982. [COSH 978.8 MIL]

Miller, Lafi; Peacock, Tom;
Those Crazy Pioneers: with the Life and Times of Lady Moon & Vignettes of History
, 2000. [COSH 978.8 MIL]

Morris, Andrew J. (Editor);
Larimer County History 1985 Volume I
, c1985.  [COSH 978.8 MOR]

Poudre Profile Editors;
Poudre Canyon News,
c1985.  [COSH 070.1 POU]

Red Feather Historical Society;
Personal Histories Vol. 1, from 2008.
[COSH REF 978.8 RED] (Reference Only)

Red Feather Lakes Library;
Red Feather Lakes- A Child’s View of History,
An Intergenerational Project of the Red Feather Lakes Library, 1998. [COSH 978.8 RED]

Smythe, Ann;
From Dream to Reality; A short history of how a little library was born and grew
, 2005.  [COSH 020.97 SMY]

Students of the Red Feather Mountain School;
My Adventure in the Mountains
, c1997.  [Y F STU]

Swan, Wesley;
Memoirs of an Old Timer,
c1975. [COSH BIO SWA]

Swanson, Evadene Burris; Dunning, Ted;
Red Feather Lakes – the first Hundred Years 1871 – 1971
, c1971, 1986, 2001. [COSH 978.8 SWA]

Thiem, Jon; Dimon, Deborah;
Rabbit Creek Country: Three Ranching Lives in the Heart of the Mountain West,
2008. [COSH 978.8 THI]

William Tremblay;
June Rise : The Apocryphal Letters of Joseph Antoine Janis,
1994. [F TRE]

Tsianina (“Princess Red Feather”);
Where the Trails Have Led Me,
1968. [COSH BIO TSI 1968]

Walker, Phil;
Visions along the Poudre Valley
, 1997.  [COSH 917.88 WAL]
Visions along the Poudre Valley
, Video format.  [VIDEO VIS]
Visions along the Poudre Valley,
Book on tape. [COSH BOT 917.88 WAL]

Watrous, Ansel,
History of Larimer County 1911,
1972 reprint. [COSH 978.8 WAT 1911]

Wockner, Gary; Pritchett, Laura;
Pulse of the river: Colorado writers speak for the endangered Cache la Poudre
, 2007. [COSH 508.78 PUL]

Zach, Grace;
The Roads of Crystal Lakes
, c1985.  [COSH 978 ZAC]

Books with reference to other nearby communities:

Bancroft, Caroline;
Estes Park and Trail Ridge
, 1968. [COSH 978.8 BAN]

Bradley, Earlene Belew;
Timber Times and Tales of an Early History of Gould, Colorado,
2005. [COSH BIO BRA]

Columbine Club of Timnath;
1996. [COSH 978.8 COL]

Jessen, Kenneth;
Estes Park: A Quick History,
1996. [COSH 978.2 JES]

Mills, Enos A.;
Early Estes Park, Rocky Mountain National Park,
1963. [COSH 978.8 MIL]

Mills, Enos A.;
Story of Early Estes Park, Rocky Mountain National Park, and Grand Lake. [COSH 978.8 MIL]